Mag Cable

In the near future, I think that the method of connecting the computer and peripheral devices will become easier.
It is the future concept design that all devices become more comfortable by a magnet and Inductive charging.

This cable can be connected to various devices by magnets.
A metal terminal is not exposed unlike a conventional connector and does molding wrapped in a shell of integral, smooth aluminum.

As the effect of enclosing the magnet in the curved surface, the back and front sides of the connector disappear, and the mounting angle is also free.

Transfer of data is done through the coil inside the terminal, and carries out electricity transfer by inductive charging at the same time.
Of course it can send input signals from keyboard and mouse, and it is also supposed to send and receive data to portable storage and smartphones.

Although this is only a concept design, looking at the development of the latest technology such as Qi and the presentation by each research institution, we think that it can be realized in the near future.

Design process


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